Camping Astrid

Koningin Astridlaan 1
8450 Bredene aan zee

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Raversijde Estate

Building works for the Raversijde Estate first started in 1988 and since then there has been a constant programme of extension works.
The core of this attraction is the former Royal Estate of Leopold II, who acquired a number of plots of land in 1902 and built a wooden residence. This ‘Norwegian Chalet’ was completed in 1904, but it then disappeared in around 1914 when the Germans converted the Estate into coastal defences. The estate was used during the Second World War as part of the well-known Atlantic Wall, leaving behind great the scars of their presence. At the end of his rule as regent, Prince Charles settled definitively in Raversijde . In 1981 he sold the property to the Belgian state. Thanks to an exceptional partnership between the Flemish Community, the Ministry of Buildings and the Provincial Government, the royal estate was restored to its former glory, extended and opened to the public.

Domein Raversijde
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636
8400 Oostende