Camping Astrid

Koningin Astridlaan 1
8450 Bredene aan zee

Tel.: work 059 32 12 47

The Municipality of Bredene

logo_bredeneWhether you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable holiday or a weekend of invigorating fresh air at the seaside, you will find what you are looking for in Bredene. Bredene is the only coastal municipality where the sand dunes gradually slope unhindered by a sea wall down to a fine sandy beach . In the summer you can enjoy the lively buzz of beach life and in low season, the ebb and flow of life at the coast also draws a lot of people to our beach resort. And interestingly, Bredene was also the first place to have a naturist beach. Its perfect location at the foot of a protected nature reserve of sand dunes guarantees privacy and at the same time avoids any obstacle to those who prefer to wander along the shoreline clothed.

The Municipality Bredene
Centrumplaats 1
8450 Bredene